Hi, my name is Red Pralou ( The Willy Nilly Witch ).

I am a photographer and blogger in the virtual world of Secondlife. This is a side blog to showcase all my Adult and NSFW images. I am not sure if I will be listing all items in pictures as I really just wanted a place to share some of the more adult pictures and music that I am listening to when I take them.

I will put the store/creators in the tags tho, this way you will know where you can find the stuff if you wanted wanted to find it. You are always free to ask in the comments section if you really want to know what something is and where its from.

You can also find me on Twitter + FacebookTumblr + Instagram + Plurk

All images here are taken by me, but not all are of me.  Images that are not me, will have Model’s name via the tags.

Hope you enjoy the photos. ♥